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SC 101

SC101 is a new class of creator education. Here you’ll find quick and easy tools designed to give you the support you need to grow your career on SoundCloud and beyond.

SC101: Watch and learn 

Kick start your music career – and stand out. This 101 tells you how to build your profile to make sure your music persona shines through

Setting up your profile

SoundCloud is all about the community. Find out how to grow your network and get more plays through engagement

Networking & engagement

From using tags to drive up your plays, to replacing your audio file without losing your stats – we're sharing tips on how to set your tracks up for success

Optimizing your tracks

From keeping your uploads private while you perfect them to sharing links when they’re ready for promotion – here’s how to be heard on your terms

Sharing your work

Keep up the momentum with advanced stats. These analytics tell you who listens to your music the most and the cities you should swing by on your next tour

Extensive stats

Promote on SoundCloud

Learn how to use the new SoundCloud Premier tool and start promoting your music to new fans and see more plays — at a budget that works for you

Monetize on SoundCloud

Learn how to use SoundCloud Premier monetization to verify that your music is original, get paid for your plays, and unlock more opportunities

Distribute on SoundCloud

Learn how to use Repost by SoundCloud and send your music to every major music service including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and more

DJing with SoundCloud tracks

Did you know you can mix with SoundCloud tracks directly from your favorite DJ app? Watch and learn as we break down a few of these integrations

Get to know your audio formats

On SoundCloud, you can upload, store and download more file types than anywhere else. Learn about the different formats and why it’s best to always upload lossless HD files, with SC101

Learn how basic user stats like plays, likes, and reposts can tell you what's working and which fans are helping you do the heavy lifting

Basic stats

Mastering on SoundCloud

In this short video, we’ll break down why mastering is important and how the workflow tool Mastering on SoundCloud, powered by Dolby can polish your final track so it’s optimised for playback wherever it goes.