With Premier, you can promote your music to new fans on SoundCloud, send it to every major music service, and get paid for your plays everywhere – directly from your SoundCloud account.

Na-Kel Smith

Earn more and keep more

Earn industry-leading revenue share on SoundCloud and keep 100% of your payouts from other services.

Get more SoundCloud plays

Pitch for playlist placement and use the self-service promotion tool Promote on SoundCloud to get your music in front of our global tastemaker community.

Send your music everywhere

Distribute to every major music service including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and more.

How SoundCloud Premier works


Sign the SoundCloud Premier monetization and distribution agreements


Upload a track or select from existing tracks, verify that your music is original and start monetizing instantly on SoundCloud


Use Promote on SoundCloud to get more plays and reach new SoundCloud fans


Send your music to Apple Music, Spotify and more with built-in distribution

Access your stats and royalty reports, all from your SoundCloud account


Monetize, promote and distribute your music in under 15 minutes. 

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You'll be in good company



“When I joined Premier, I saw increases in streams, followers and comments. It’s cool to see new people get interested in my music.”

Jae Stephens

Jae Stephens

“Everything from streaming numbers to social numbers have gone up steadily since joining. It’s definitely helped raise my profile.”

Mus Matos

Mus Matos

“Premier has allowed me the tools to be as ‘complete’ of an artist as I am now.”

Teflon Sega

Teflon Sega

“100% of the money made from SoundCloud Premier is used to create more content to grow my project.”